Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pet Peeve #22: "No Photos!"

I was scolded for taking photos in two places this year in Paris:  Ladurée and, of all places, SHAKESPEARE & CO. Snooty Ladurée I can understand, but you, Shakespeare & Co.?  You? Wherefore? Don't you realize a lot of us come to your doorstep, not because of TV's Highlander, not because of Before Sunset, but because WE SAW A PHOTO OF YOU on some book-loving, Paris-lover's BLOG?!


Well, Ladurée, scold all you want. Here's a photo of you and of your over-priced STUFF.

And here's a thought from Tocqueville on his birthday (this day, 1805): "à mesure qu'on creuse dans le caractère national des Américains, on s'aperçoit qu'ils n'ont cherché la valeur de presque toutes les choses de ce monde que dans la réponse à cette seule question: combien cela rapporte-t-il d'argent?" Two hundred years later, still true, no?

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