Friday, October 23, 2009

First School Dance

My daughter, who's in 7th grade, has her first school dance tonight.  I am at home consoling myself at my virtual Paris café, holding my little-one-who's-not-so-little-any-more close in the spiritual palm of my hand, not unlike Henri de Miller's sculpture in front of Église Saint-Eustache... :)


  1. Is there a special occasion for this school dance?
    I knew about proms, thanks to the American series that we get to see on French TV, but didn't know there were other school dances...

  2. Proms are formal - people dress up in their best for them, and usually even buy special dresses or suits or rent tuxedos. They occur in the last two years of high school.

    Informal dances or "mixers" can occur several times per year, depending on the school, and are considered casual social events where young people can get together and just enjoy each other without all the fuss of dressing up - though of course, there's an effort to look one's best anyway. These start at about 7th grade / age 12.

    She had a pretty good time with her friends, and no major bad occurrences or hurts - what a relief!