Friday, August 28, 2009

Are You a Soixante-Quinze?

As if there weren't enough things by which to get judged in Paris, here's one more:

"The moment a non-Parisian sits in a car, he becomes the last two digits of his licence plate. Immediately. He becomes 'un 78,' 'le 42,' or 'un 29' …The last two digits of a French licence plate correspond to that of the département of registration of the car. Paris is 75. Other numbers smell like mud or depression."

-Olivier Magny, author of the blog Stuff Parisians Like


  1. Dear God, I just love the snobby French! I know they're incorrigible, but so AM I!!!

    Great idea for a looks lovely here and I will be coming to visit since I can't live in France (even though I think that's where I should be)!


  2. Yes, I think you epitomize the best aspects of Paris culture - elegance, good taste, beauty, artistry...!